Exotic Aquarium & Pets

Exotic Aquarium & Pets is a Pet super store group catering for all your pet requirements. It all started in 1994 when the need for a specialized, educated pet retail model was required for the South African Market. We Opened our doors on 15 August that year and are still working hard to having fun. With more than 25 years of experience we ensure our staff are well trained in all aspects animal husbandry and aquatics to assist our customers and their cherished and loved pets. We manufacture custom aquariums and have an aquarium stocked with fish sourced from all over the world. A grooming parlour is also available at our Benoni branch, to take care of all your fury pets grooming requirements. We cater for reptiles and can also customise any enclosure to your needs, birds and small mammals are also taken care of with an extensive variety of products for all their needs. We stock all major brands of Products and Food at competitive prices for your shopping experience.


Through constant improvement and research we aim to cater for all Pets in captivity. We believe animals form an integral part of our existence as humans, and thus strive to care for them like our children.


As leaders in the pet retail market we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and place your and our pets and their requirements first. We continuously source the latest products and use the latest techniques to ensure Pets have everything they need to be taken care off and have a place they can call home.


We specialize is pet birds and regularly have stock of baby hand reared birds. All our Parrots are sourced from local breeders that regularly produce high quality birds legally for export markets. We also carry budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches and all their respective products as well as wide variety of cages.

Koi and Pond

We stock most varieties of koi and pond fish, and regularly receive livestock to stock your pond. Exotic Aquariums & Pets can also do custom orders for all grades and sizes of Koi directly from our suppliers abroad. Most major brands of koi food and products including UV sterilizers, filters and Medications are always available to complete your shopping experience


With 25 years of experience in advanced aquarium manufacture, we are able to customize any project to your needs in our very own 1000 M2 manufacturing facility in Benoni. We can provide a complete turnkey aquarium solution for all specialized applications and also stock a wide variety of standard sizes. Exotic Aquariums & Pets offer guaranteed unbeatable prices on your new aquarium.

Marine fish

Exotic Aquariums & Pets has been setting standards in keeping marine fish and Invertebrates since 1995, we are the appointed distributor for Tropic Marin products among others and believe in only using the best synthetic products to make your marine aquarium inhabitants feel right at home. We receive regular shipments from all over the world from quality and reliable suppliers and captive breeding farms. Our staff have a wealth of experience and can assist you to achieve your goals with your aquarium or simply help resolve any issues you might have.

Tropical fish

We have a wide variety of exotic tropical fish sourced from quality checked suppliers both abroad and locally. We cater for basic and advanced aquarists and keep an interesting variety of live plants to complete your tropical biome


We stock a wide variety of captive bred reptiles for pets and all their products to keep them happy and make it easy for you to meet all their needs and recreate any habitat to keep them happy. Our staff are able to give expert advice in housing these amazing animals.

Animal grooming

We have a fully equipped grooming parlour at certain of our Superstores catering for all your loved ones requirements. Big and small we cater for them all, Our groomers are trained to care and pamper for your pets the way you do. We trim nails, bath, dip, trim and style to your personal taste on all dog's cat's and small animals too.

Pet Products

Exotic Aquariums & Pets stock all major brands of pet and aquarium product at competitive prices to make your pet feel right at home. With many years of experience, we are able to recommend just the right diet, product and toys for your pet. We also keep a heathy variety of dog, cat and small mammal diets that are ideally suited to your needs. We stock a wide variety of medications and tick and flea control aids to keep your fury baby healthy and happy. Should you have a requirement that we do not currently have stocked, we will gladly source and list in ours stores.